Hello. ┬áMy name is Colin, I’m an unschooling dad.

We have 3 children, aged 5, 3 and 1. Our eldest should have begun school last September, but after much deliberation we decided not to put him in. The big question I hear you ask of course is ‘Why?’ And of course this is a great question!

Home education, or unschooling is something Beth and I have thought about for a long time, and thinking back over the last 5 years or so, I guess it is something we always intended to do.

At it’s most basic, to my mind, the idea of a child sitting in a chair in a classroom surrounded by 30+ children of his own age, with 1 or 2 adults in the room, being told what to learn just doesn’t seem quite right. How does a child actually learn from this experience? How does it capture a child’s imagination?

But then I hear you ask, if your child isn’t in school, how do they learn? They learn, because they are children! Children have a vast appetite for knowledge, and they spend their entire days in pursuit of it. They learn through actual experience based on whatever is capturing their imagination right at any particular moment in time and space. ┬áThis allows them to develop independent ideas about these actual experiences as opposed to such ideas being determined by systems and methods.

This is a journey, for all of us, and one upon which we are just starting, and this is just an introduction – it is my plan to talk about our journey in more detail as we travel along this road.

There are plenty of unschooling resources out there, a great place to start is the Natural Child Project at www.naturalchild.org

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