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  1. Fiona Ferguson

    Hello everyone my name is Fiona Ferguson I run sign2music classes at Harmony Hill Church Lisburn on Thursday and Saturday. Babies(0-2) 10.00am and Toddlers(2-preschool) 11.15am.

    There are many benefits to signing for young children. It helps you with communication and bonding(getting to know your child).
    It reduces frustration and promotes self-esteem and social skills. It also supports speech and cognitive development and is multi-sensory for children with communication difficulties. It introduces a second language and is great fun!

    I have three puppets, Signing Sandy, Signing Sally and Daisy Doggie which are used to interact with the children. Other interactive props include, shakers,a parachute,books,bubbles,hats,rabbit ears etc.

    I started Sign2music in April 2012 as I am a full-time mummy to Faye who is now 3 years old. I really started seeing the benefits with Faye as she was slow at talking. She has now progressed well and now speaks clearly and confidently.

    If you are interested in joining and want to find out more please contact me on 07914849449 or


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